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singapore tourist guideThis is a report on what living in Singapore is like. It can also serve as a travel report for your next visit to Singapore. Singapore is a city in South East Asia and it is situated just underneath Malaysia and to the West of Indonesia. It is a very small island and presently has about 5 million inhabitants. It is very tropical and hot with temperatures always above 30c. It usually only rains about once a day for about half an hour but there are also periods (like now) when there is hardly and periods when there is more.

The majority of the population are Chinese descendants that came to Singapore in the early 1800’s to work in the newly established port. Most of them speak mandarin although everyone in Singapore is taught in English with mandarin and Malay also being taught. The other 3 population groups are the Malays, the Indians and the Caucasians. All these groups have a very different culture and practice a different religion but Singapore prides itself on its diversity and everyone here seems to get on well. Singapore is a very clean and safe place to live which is one of the reasons I like being here. All the streets are really clean and look beautiful and in many places they are surrounded by lush tree and plants.

So what can you do here as a tourist?
Explore the different cultures Singapore is the perfect place to go if you want to have a taste of Asia, but still like the luxury of a very clean city, people that speak English and fantastic shopping. Although it is a very modern city there are still places in Singapore where you can still experience the Asian culture.

Places to visit
• Arab street: this is the traditional neighborhood of the Malay people. You can find the mosque here and some wonderful uaint streets with little shops.

• Little India: As soon as you step foot in this part of town, most of the people on the streets are Indian as are the restaurants and shops and you really get a sense of being in India.

• Chinatown: lovely antique shops, temples and many beautiful old shop-houses makes this a fun place to explore.

• Raffles Hotel: this place served as a place of tranquility for the Europeans in colonial times. Today it is a lovely place to explore the museum, browse through some shops, have a drink at the long bar or sit on the outside terrace.

singapore-tourist-guideEnjoy the nightlife
Although Singapore seems to have a reputation of being ‘boring” the city is working hard to get rid of this image. The formula 1 race is now held here once a year and 2 casinos are being built. There are already many nice cafes and restaurants here. I just love to go outside in the evening with minimal clothes on when the temperature is so lovely and sit at one of the many terraces outside.

Places I like:

Clarke quay: if you think that Singapore is not a happening place then visit Clarke quay. A very bustling part of town with many trendy restaurants, bars and nightclubs. One place I like there is the 1NiteStand comedy bar where they have excellent stand-up comedy and life bands.

Dampsey Hill: this used to be where the former British army barracks were, but it has now been turned into a trendy area with upmarket restaurants and specialty shops.

Holland village: a fun and casual place to meet up for drinks, coffee or visit one of the many restaurants.

Raffles Hotel long bar: traditionally THE place to go for a Singapore sling.

Hawker centers: if you want to eat the Singaporean way try one of the many hawker center where you can eat very cheaply.

Enjoy beautiful nature walks

Few cities are as green and luscious as Singapore. There are many places to go for a stroll and discover new trees and plants. Here are some places to enjoy beautiful nature walks:

  • Singapore botanical gardens: beautiful big park with wonderful gardens Bukit Timah nature reserve: for those that want to be in the jungle and have a more challenging walk
  • McRitchie nature reserve: lots of lovely and peaceful walks here. From here you can also do the Tree Top Walk which gives you a different perspective on the Singapore’s trees.

The Singapore zoo is a beautiful nature walk all by itself. The zoo grounds are wonderfully lush and of course it’s fun to encounter some amazing animals along the way.

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