Singapore’s Q3 jobless rate remains low, but employment growth slows

SINGAPORE: Singapore's unemployment rate in the third quarter stood at 1.9 per cent, down from 2.0 per cent in the previous quarter, said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The Q3 jobless rate was also lower than the 2.0 per cent in the third quarter of last year, according to preliminary findings from the "Employment Situation, Third Quarter 2012" report released on Wednesday by the MOM. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for residents and Singapore citizens were 2.8 per cent and 3.0 per cent respectively in the July-September quarter, unchanged from the second quarter, the report said. It added that unemployment remained low, reflecting strong manpower demand amid tightening controls on foreign manpower. Mr Richard Farmer, director at the human resource firm Randstad said: "There is a skills shortage, the war…
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State of Singapore came into being 50 years ago on June 3

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SINGAPORE : The state of Singapore came into being exactly 50 years ago on June 3. Singapore achieved self-government in 1959, and had full control over domestic policies, with Lee Kuan Yew as prime minister. On 15 February 1942, British forces surrendered to the Japanese. As events unfolded over the following decade, it became clear that with a losing war on their hands, a deteriorating economy back home, and no support from the US, it was a matter of time before the British would relinquish their colonial rule over what was then Malaya. "It was a matter of pushing steadily, making quite clear that the imperialist forces were no longer welcome in the region. But people should make it very clear they would prefer to be independent sooner rather than…
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